2016 Nippon Series Schedule

Nippon Series

Best of Seven.

Nippon Ham leads series, 3-2.

Gm Date Time Venue Away Score Home Attendance Time
1 10/22 Sat 18:30 Mazda Stadium Nippon Ham
SP: Otani
LP: Otani
1-5 Hiroshima
SP: Johnson
WP: Johnson
30619 3h39m
2 10/23 Sun 18:30 Mazda Stadium Nippon Ham
SP: Masui
LP: Masui
1-5 Hiroshima
SP: Nomura
WP: Nomura
30638 3h18m
3 10/25 Tue 18:30 Sapporo Dome Hiroshima
SP: Kuroda
LP: Osera
3-4 Nippon Ham
SP: Arihara
WP: Bass
40503 3h51m
4 10/26 Wed 18:30 Sapporo Dome Hiroshima
SP: Okada
LP: Jackson
1-3 Nippon Ham
SP: Takanashi
WP: Tanimoto
Sv: Miyanishi
40599 3h30m
5 10/27 Thu 18:00 Sapporo Dome Hiroshima
SP: Johnson
LP: Nakazaki
1-5 Nippon Ham
SP: Kato
WP: Bass
40633 3h32m
6 10/29 Sat 18:30 Mazda Stadium Nippon Ham   Hiroshima    
7 10/30 Sun 18:30 Mazda Stadium Nippon Ham   Hiroshima    



[8/29/2016] 2017 World Baseball Classic Survey (UPDATE 9/12 @ 2:04am)

I have been asked to do a little research on the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Information I gather could be used in a article that will be published in the next issue of Baseball Times. Those of you that have watched any of YakyuDB’s streams should be familiar with the name. They are a legitimate baseball publication in Japan.



2017 Softbank Hawks Coaching Staff


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager 工藤 公康 Kudo, Kimiyasu 53 81
Pitching Coach 佐藤 義則 Sato, Yoshinori 62 70
Pitching Coach 高村 祐 Takamura, Hiroshi 47 98
Batting Coach 立花 義家 Tachibana, Yoshiie 58 83
Batting Coach 藤本 博史 Fujimoto, Hiroshi 52 76
Infield/Base Coach 鳥越 裕介 Torigoe, Yusuke 45 88
Outfield/Base Coach 村松 有人 Muramatsu, Arihito 43 93
Battery Coach 清水 将海 Shimizu, Masaumi 41 84
Strategy/Assistant Battery Coach 森 浩之 Mori, Hiroyuki 51 86
Pitching Supervising Coach 倉野 信次 Kurano, Shinji 42 94


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager 水上 善雄 Mizukami, Yoshio 59 80
Pitching Coach 若田部 健一 Wakatabe, Kenichi 47 72
Pitching Coach 佐久本 昌広 Sakumoto, Masahiro 42 91
Batting Coach 藤井 康雄 Fujii, Yasuo 54 71
Batting Coach 飯田 哲也 Iida, Tetsuya 48 78
Infield/Base Coach 小川 史 Ogawa, Hiroshi 56 74
Outfield/Base Coach 井出 竜也 Ide, Tatsuya 45 87
Battery Coach 的山 哲也 Matoyama, Tetsuya 46 85


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager 佐々木 誠 Sasaki, Makoto 51 96
Pitching Coach 田之上 慶三郎 Tanoue, Keisaburo 45 82
Pitching Coach 入来 祐作 Iriki, Yusaku 44 99
Batting Coach 大道 典良 Omichi, Noriyoshi 47 75
Infield/Base Coach 笹川 隆 Sasagawa, Takashi 36 97
Rehab Coach 斉藤 学 Saito, Manabu 53 73

Source: Softbank 10/28

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[10/28/2016] Shuto Takajo has surgery to clean elbow

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced on October 25 that Shuto Takajo had surgery at a hospital in Yokohama to clean his right elbow. He is not expected to miss spring camp in February next year.

Source: Yokohama announcement, Kanaloco 10/26/2016


[10/28/2016] Yokohama Bay Stars to sign Elian Herrera to a new contract

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced today that they are going to sign Elian Herrera to a new contract for the 2017 season. They released the following statement from Herrera:

I first want to thank God. If not for God, I would not be here.

My family and I are honored for the opportunity to play for the Yokohama Bay Stars again next year.

My goal is to help the team win a championship.

I am grateful for the trust the team has in me. I promise to put in everything I have.

I cannot wait to once again meet the best fans in the game.

Source: Yokohama announcement


[10/27/2016] Hector Luna to return to the Dominican Republic

The Hiroshima Carp announced on October 27 that Hector Luna would soon be returning to the Dominican Republic.

Lune played in the first game of the Final Stage of the Climax Series, but left the game after he hurt his right shoulder. He was later diagnosed with a shoulder injury that will take about three months to fully recover.

Source: Daily Sports 10/27/2016


2017 Orix Buffaloes Coaching Staff


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager 福良 淳一 Fukura, Junichi 56 78
Head Coach 西村 徳文 Nishimura, Norifumi 56 77
Pitching Coach 星野 伸之 Hoshino, Nobuyuki 50 71
Pitching Coach 平井 正史 Hirai, Masafumi 41 72
Batting Coach 高橋 光信 Takahashi, Mitsunobu 41 73
Batting Coach 下山 真二 Shimoyama, Shinji 40 74
Infield/Base Coach 風岡 尚幸 Kazaoka, Naoyuki 48 76
Outfield/Base Coach 中村 一生 Nakamura, Issei 34 86
Battery Coach 鈴木 郁洋 Suzuki, Fumihiro 41 82
Bullpen Coach 別府 修作 Beppu, Shusaku 53 90


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager/Batting Coach 田口 壮 Taguchi, So 47 81
Head Coach 佐竹 学 Satake, Manabu 42 75
Pitching Coach 小林 宏 Kobayashi, Hiroshi 45 89
Pitching Coach 小松 聖 Komatsu, Satoshi 34 88
Batting Coach 辻 竜太郎 Tsuji, Ryutaro 40 79
Infield/Base Coach 勝呂 壽統 Suguro, Hironori 53 83
Outfield/Base Coach 早川 大輔 Hayakawa, Daisuke 41 84
Battery Coach 前田 大輔 Maeda, Daisuke 37 87


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Ikusei Supervising Coach 弓岡 敬二郎 Yumioka, Keijiro 58 85
Ikusei Coach 酒井 勉 Sakai, Tsutomu 53 80
Ikusei Coach 三輪 隆 Miwa, Takashi 46 70

Source: Orix 10/27Daily Sports 10/27/2016, Sanspo 10/27/2016

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2017 Hanshin Tigers Coaching Staff


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager 金本 知憲 Kanemoto, Tomoaki 48 6
Head Coach 高代 延博 Takashiro, Nobuhiro 62 70
Chief/Fielding/Base Coach 平田 勝男 Hirata, Katsuo 57 78
Strategy/Battery Coach 矢野 燿大 Yano, Akihiro 47 88
Pitching Coach 香田 勲男 Koda, Isao 51 90
Pitching Coach 金村 曉 Kanemura, Satoru 40 73
Batting Coach 片岡 篤史 Kataoka, Atsushi 47 81
Batting Coach 平野 恵一 Hirano, Keiichi 37 76
Infield/Base Coach 久慈 照嘉 Kuji, Teruyoshi 47 71
Outfield/Base Coach 中村 豊 Nakamura, Yutaka 43 87
Training Coach 伊藤 敦規 Ito, Atsunori 53 91


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager 掛布 雅之 Kakefu, Masayuki 61 31
Position Player Chief/Ikusei Coach 古屋 英夫 Furuya, Hideo 61 83
Chief Pitching Coach 久保 康生 Kubo, Yasuo 58 84
Pitching Coach 高橋 建 Takahashi, Ken 47 72
Batting/Position Player General Coach 今岡 誠 Imaoka, Makoto 42 77
Batting Coach 濱中 治 Hamanaka, Osamu 38 79
Fielding/Base Coach 藤本 敦士 Fujimoto, Atsushi 39 74
Fielding/Base Coach 筒井 壮 Tsutsui, So 41 96
Battery Coach 山田 勝彦 Yamada, Katsuhiko 47 82
Farm Ikusei Coach 福原 忍 Fukuhara, Shinobu 39 85
Farm Ikusei Coach 藤井 彰人 Fujii, Akihito 40 89

Source: Hanshin 10/27

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[10/27/2016] Rakuten Eagles interested in Tom de Blok

The Rakuten Eagles are interested in twenty-year-old Tom de Blok. They are thinking about offering him an Ikusei contract and might invite him to a tryout during fall camp in Kurashiki next month.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/27/2016


[10/27/2016] Kenta Imamiya filed marriage papers in June

The media learned on October 26 that Kenta Imamiya (25) filed marriage papers with a twenty-two-year-old woman from Oita earlier this year in June. They are currently living in Fukuoka and are expecting their first child next year.

Source: Daily Sports 10/27/2016


[10/27/2016] Orix Buffaloes to give Gonzalez Germen a tryout during fall camp

The Orix Buffaloes are interested in twenty-nine-year-old Gonzalez Germen. They have invited him to a tryout during fall camp in Kochi next month. The Buffaloes did not want to rely solely on film and scouting reports to make their decision on Germen and decided to give him a tryout.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/27/2016


[10/27/2016] Hanshin Tigers looking for a bat that can play third on the overseas market

The Hanshin Tigers are looking for a bat with pop that can also play some third. Possible candidates include thirty-year-old Darin Ruf, twenty-nine-year-old Alex Guerrero, twenty-eight-year-old Luis Jimenez, and twenty-six-year-old O’Koyea Dickson.

The Tigers did select Yusuke Oyama with their first pick during the draft this year, but there are concerns about whether or not he will be ready to take over third full-time next year.

Source: Sanspo 10/27/2016