[11/28/2016] NPB Awards 2016

The NPB Awards 2016 was held at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Minatoku, Tokyo tonight. Links to the awards that were presented this year:


[11/10/2016] NPB Players that filed for free agency

Pos Name JPN Name ENG Age Type 2016 Team 2016 Salary Class Compensation YakyuDB
OF 陽 岱鋼 Yoh, Daikan 29 Domestic Nippon Ham 160.00M B No player, 60% salary (~96M) Yomiuri
P 森福 允彦 Morifuku, Masahiko 30 Domestic Softbank 120.00M C None Yomiuri
OF 糸井 嘉男 Itoi, Yoshio 35 Domestic Orix 280.00M B Kazuyuki Kaneda + 40% salary (~112M) Hanshin
P 山口 俊 Yamaguchi, Shun 29 Domestic Yokohama 80.00M B Kentaro Taira + 40% salary (~32M) Yomiuri
P 岸 孝之 Kishi, Takayuki 31 International Seibu 225.00M A 80% salary (~180M) Rakuten
OF 栗山 巧 Kuriyama, Takumi 33 International Seibu 200.00M A Does not apply Seibu

Free Agent Classes

  • A = 80% of this year’s salary or 50% of this year’s salary plus one player
  • B = 60% of this year’s salary or 40% of this year’s salary plus one player
  • C = no compensation

[8/29/2016] 2017 World Baseball Classic Survey (UPDATE 9/12 @ 2:04am)

I have been asked to do a little research on the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Information I gather could be used in a article that will be published in the next issue of Baseball Times. Those of you that have watched any of YakyuDB’s streams should be familiar with the name. They are a legitimate baseball publication in Japan.



[1/20/2017] Softbank Hawks sign Kimiyasu Kudo to a new contract

The Softbank Hawks announced today that they signed Kimiyasu Kudo to a new three-year contract. He was in the final year of a three-year contract this year. The new contract will run through to the end of the 2019 season.

Source: Softbank announcement, Sponichi 1/20/2017, Tokyo Sports 1/20/2017, Daily Sports 1/20/2017, Nikkan Sports 1/20/2017


[1/20/2017] Norio Tanabe to be special spring camp instructor for Hanwha

The Seibu Lions announced today that team adviser Norio Tanabe will be a special spring camp roving batting and fielding instructor for the Hanwha Eagles, between January 31 and March 9.

Source: Seibu announcement, Nikkan Sports 1/20/2017, Daily Sports 1/20/2017


[1/19/2017] Yoshihisa Hirano could make WBC roster

Junichi Tazawa is not expected to participate in the World Baseball Classic. Samurai Japan left a spot open for him, but will now most likely turn to Orix’s Yoshihisa Hirano.

Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2017, Sponichi 1/19/2017

The Yakult Swallows would be happy to let Wladimir Balentien participate in the World Baseball Classic after how things fared for him in 2013. Balentien hurt his left leg during the 2013 WBC and started the season at Ni-gun, but still managed to have one of the best seasons of his NPB career (60 home runs with a slash line of .330 / .455 / .779).

Source: Sponichi 1/19/2017

The NPB, KBO, and CPBL are planning to schedule a series of games in November. An official announcement could come some time next week.

Source: Sponichi 1/19/2017, Daily Sports 1/19/2017


[1/19/2017] Yomiuri Giants: Invinciblu Tokyo Uniform

The Yomiuri Giants announced today that they will give all fans that attend a Yakult game at Tokyo Dome on May 18 (Thu) a free replica INVINCIBLU (invincible + the color blue) Tokyo uniform. The Giants wore blue road uniforms when they won nine consecutive Nippon Series championships between 1965 and 1973. They first wore Tokyo across the chest (with no other designs) on road uniforms in 1953, the same year they were in first place from start to finish and won a Nippon Series.

Source: Yomiuri announcement


[1/19/2017] Kenta Tanigawara has elbow surgery

The Softbank Hawks announced today that Kenta Tanigawara had surgery to remove loose bodies from his right elbow at a hospital in Fukuoka. He will be discharged from the hospital on January 20 and will begin a rehab program on January 21. He will require about three months for a full recovery.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2017


[1/19/2017] Takeshi Kaneko’s wife gave birth in December

The Chunichi Dragons announced today that Takeshi Kaneko’s wife gave birth to the couple’s second child, a boy weighing 3,034 grams, on December 26, 2016.

Source: Sanspo 1/19/2017


[1/18/2017] Shohei Otani might sit out games during Arizona spring camp

Shohei Otani was assigned to Arizona spring camp. Hideki Kuriyama is concerned about his workload and might avoid using him in any games while in the United States. The goal is to make sure Otani is healthy, not just for spring camp, but also for the World Baseball Classic and for the whole of the 2017 NPB season.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/18/2017, Sponichi 1/18/2017


[1/18/2017] Zett signs three JWBL players to advisory contracts

Zett announced today that signed Yu Kato, Yukari Isozaki, and Minako Uemura to advisory pro staff contracts.


  • Contract period: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017 (one year)
  • Kato: glove, cleats, bat, batting gloves, training wear
  • Isozaki: glove
  • Uemura: glove
  • The players will provide advise on products (new ideas, improvements)
  • The players will help sell products through advertisements and events

Source: Zett announcement


[1/18/2017] 29th Universiade Preliminary Roster

The Japan University Baseball Federation (JUBF) released a preliminary roster of thirty-two players earlier today. The JUBF is hoping to select a final roster of twenty-two players after a training camp in March.

Source: Sanspo 1/18/2017



[1/17/2017] Samurai Japan updates from January 17

Samurai Japan will carry four batting practice pitchers during the World Baseball Classic tournament and eight batting pitchers practices during their mini camp in February. Hiroki Kokubo and the coaching staff could also serve as batting practice pitchers if necessary.

Source: Sponichi 1/17/2017

The Yomiuri Giants are planning to let Scott Mathieson (Canada) and Luis Cruz (Mexico) participate in the World Baseball Classic. The Giants have not yet received any requests about Dai-Kang Yoh and Jen-Lei Liao. There are some concerns surrounding Yoh because he is coming off a year in which he fractured his ribs and because he will have to adjust to playing for a new team in a much larger market. If he gets an invite to play for Taiwan, he might turn it down.

Source: Sponichi 1/17/2017, Tokyo Sports 1/17/2017

Tatsuya Yoshinami was selected to manage the Samurai Japan collegiate team during this year’s Universiade. Hideyuki Suzuki (Kansai Kokusai) and Furukawa Yuichi (Kanagawa) will return as coaches. Shinji Sakai (Nara Gakuen) will round out the coaching staff.

Source: Sponichi 1/17/2017