[4/11/2016] Yamaico Navarro set to make Ni-gun debut on April 12

Yamaico Navarro is set to make his official NPB debut in a Ni-gun Lotte game against Yomiuri at Lotte Urawa Stadium on April 12. Navarro told reporters he looked forward to playing and seeing live pitches. He also said he wanted to thank everyone that supported him by helping the team win.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/11/2016

[UPDATE 4/12 @ 2:55pm]

Navarro got the start at second and batted third against Ni-gun Yomiuri.

First at bat: first inning, none on, two out, single to left off Kan Otake
Second at bat: fourth inning, runner on first, no out, walk, off Kan Otake
Third at bat: fifth inning, runner on third, two out, fly out to center off Kan Otake

His day ended after his at bat in the fifth inning.

Source: Daily Sports 4/12/2016, Tokyo Sports 4/12/2016

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