[4/28/2016] kobo Stadium: Smile Glico Park to open May 3

Smile Glico Park at kobo Stadium will be opening on May 3. The new Ferris wheel will also be fully operational.

Ferris wheel

  • Admission: four play tickets
    • one play ticket = 100 yen, eleven play tickets = 1,000 yen
    • two years old and younger = free
  • Height: 36 meters
  • Once around: about six minutes
  • Gondolas: sixteen gondolas, four people per gondola, maximum capacity of sixty-four people

The Rakuten Eagles will be giving away free special edition Glico Pretz to Smile Glico Park visitors (one per person/group while supplies last).

They will also be giving away free Eagles’ caps to primary school children and younger (while supplies last) that ride the Ferris wheel.

Source: Rakuten announcement

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