[5/18/2016] Youth baseball manager forced players to catch balls with bare hands

A Muya Sports Youth Baseball Division manager in his forties instructed elementary-school-aged players to catch balls with their bare hands. One fifth-year elementary-school-aged player suffered a ruptured tendon during the drill.

According to the Naruto, Tokushima Board of Education, the manager was upset because players could not catch fly balls hit to the outfield during practices on May 5. He instructed the players to catch the balls with their bare hands since they were not going to use their gloves. One player attempted to catch a ball and suffered a ruptured tendon in his left middle finger. His parents contacted the Board and reported the incident.

The team is currently made up of nine second-year to sixth-year elementary-school-aged boys and girls. The manager had over ten years of experience as a volunteer coach. He was also said to have thrown baseballs at players as punishment. When questioned about the incident, he said he went too far and apologized.

Source: Sanspo 5/18/2016

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