[5/19/2016] Matt Hague swaps spots on the active roster with Rafael Dolis

Matt Hague returned to the active roster today. He went 22-for-52 with a slash line of .423/.508/.538 in fifteen Ni-gun games.

Rafael Dolis was available to pitch on May 18, but did not because he was not feeling well (no other specifics have been mentioned). He was taken off the active roster today.

Source: Sanspo 5/19/2016, Sanspo 5/19/2016

[UPDATE @ 11:02pm]

Tomoaki Kanemoto told reporters Dolis was taken off the active roster for rest due to a heavy workload. Pitching coach Isao Koda said it was just part of a regular roster move, but also said he could not completely rule out a right shoulder or elbow issue.

Source: Daily Sports 5/19/2016

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