[5/24/2016] Sanspo interviews Matt Murton

Sanspo published an interview with Matt Murton today. Below are some takeaways:

  • he continues to check Hanshin results once every two or three days
  • he is still getting reacclimated to baseball in the US, like how batting practice is done (four to five swings per turn versus longer turns in Japan, batting practice pitchers throwing from in front of the mound versus batting practice pitchers throwing from the mound in Japan)
  • he and his family enjoyed Japan from the start
  • he feels luck helped him along the way in Japan: he got a handful of lucky hits when he recorded 214 hits in his first year, he did not have to worry too much about pressure because he got off to a strong start in his first year, the Tigers allowed him to do his own thing even when he was slumping
  • he misses Japanese food. The first dish he ate was gyudon at Yoshinoya
  • his fondest memory is the fourth game of the 2014 Climax Series
  • he is open to returning to the NPB

Source: Sanspo 5/24/2016

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