[5/25/2016] Shingo Kawabata still recovering from fever

Shingo Kawabata developed a fever on May 18. The fever is gone now, but his appetite has not yet fully returned. He told reporters he felt he lost some weight, but was too afraid to actually step on a scale. Since his return:

  • May 20: 2-for-4 – 1B7, F7, 1B9, Ks
  • May 21: 1-for-4 – G4, G5, 1B8, G6(DP)
  • May 22: 0-for-4 – G3, G6, F8, F6
  • May 24: 0-for-2 – G6, BB, G4(DP), BB, SF7
  • May 25: 2-for-5 – G5, Fo4, 1B4, 1B7, F8

Source: ZakZak 5/25/2016

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