[5/27/2016] NPB discussing possibility of suspending season during 2020 Olympics

The NPB and six teams met in Tokyo on May 26 to discuss the 2020 schedule in relation to the Olympics. The league would like to cooperate with Olympic organizers and are exploring a variety of options, including the possibility of suspending the season. The issue will be discussed during executive committee meetings in June and July. The league will attempt to make a final decision during an owner meeting on July 11.

If the league does not suspend the season during the 2020 Olympics, it will most likely have to find alternate home venues for Yakult (Jingu Stadium), Yokohama (Yokohama Stadium), Lotte (QVC Marine Field), and Seibu (Seibu Prince Dome). They may also have to coordinate efforts with displaced amateur leagues (particularly high school and college).

Source: Sponichi 5/27/2016, ZakZak 5/27/2016

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