[6/7/2016] 2020 NPB schedule, collision rule explanations

The NPB continued deliberations about the Olympics and the 2020 NPB schedule during an executive committee meeting on June 6. The league is considering either suspending the season for about a week or during the entire event. They are also considering other changes to the schedule, like starting the season earlier, or shortening the time in between the Climax Series and the Nippon Series. The NPB is hoping to finalize their plans during their next meeting on July 4. If things go smoothly, the plan could be approved during an owner meeting on July 11.

Source: Daily Sports 6/7/2016

The NPB also discussed the current state of the new collision rules at home plate and decided to require umpiring crews to provide fans (and teams) with an explanation of their decision when they turn to instant replays.

Source: Sports Hochi 6/7/2016, Daily Sports 6/7/2016

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