[6/12/2016] Shohei Otani hits 163km/h five times through first six innings

Shohei Otani hit 163km/h on the stadium radar gun twice in row against Tsuyoshi Nishioka in the first inning against the Hanshin Tigers (eighth and ninth pitches of the game, third and fourth pitches of the at bat). Nishioka watched the first pitch and fouled off the second pitch.

Otani also hit 163km/h with the:

  • first pitch he threw to the next batter, Mauro Gomez (eleventh pitch of the game) —¬†swinging strike.
  • third pitch he threw to Ryutaro Umeno in the third inning (thirtieth pitch of the game) — fouled off.
  • fourth pitch he threw to Shun Takayama in the fifth inning (fifty-eighth pitch of the game) —¬†fouled off.

Thirty-one of the 107 pitches Otani threw during the game were 160km/h or faster.

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