[6/22/2016] Nippon Ham Fighters announce beetle ticket package

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced on June 21 that they have put together a ticket package that includes a kabutomushi (Japanese beetle) and carrying case as part of their summer Kids Dream Festa event in August. The ticket package will be available for one game against the Seibu Lions at Sapporo Dome on August 11.

The fine print:

  • One beetle and one carrying case per ticket.
  • Beetles and cases will be given out randomly — ticket holders will not be able to choose.
  • Please do not take beetles out of their carrying cases while inside the stadium.
  • There will be no returns or exchanges. Please take good care of your beetle.

Nikkan Sports is also carrying a brief article about the giveaway. A few takeaways from the article:

  • Quantities are limited to 200.
  • The Fighters are┬áconcerned about the health of the beetles they catch. They are planning to capture more than 200 (over┬áthe limit as insurance in case of accidental death prior to the giveaway) about a week before the game.
  • The Fighters are also concerned about what to do when beetles get loose in the stadium — they can fly and might be attracted to stadium lights.

Source: Nippon Ham announcement, Nikkan Sports 6/22/2016

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