Louis Okoye: Did You Know

Louis Okoye was a member of the Giants Junior team when he was in elementary school (sixth year). He still fondly remembers the time when he was at Giants Stadium in December 2009 for a practice session and had an unexpected encounter with Tetsuya Utsumi, Tetsuya Yamaguchi, and Shun Tono.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/14/2016, Nikkan Sports 6/16/2016

Okoye recorded his first home run when he was in elementary school. It was after getting seven-and-a-half hours of sleep. Since then, he has made it a point to get seven-and-a-half hours of sleep every day. Not seven, not eight, but seven-and-a-half hours.

Source: Daily Sports 6/19/2016

Okoye will be in Nigeria with his family for about a week, beginning on December 28. He plans to hold a baseball clinic for four local youth baseball teams during his stay. He also has plans to visit various officials to talk about baseball.

Okoye’s father is from Nigeria. This will be his first visit to Nigeria.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/26/2016, Nikkan Sports 12/26/2016, Sponichi 12/26/2016

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