40th Japan-USA University Baseball Championship Schedule

Gm  Date Start Venue Home Score Away
1 07/12 Tue 18:00 HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata Japan 2-1 USA
2 07/13 Wed 18:00 HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata USA 0-1 Japan
Make-up 07/14 Thu 12:00 HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata      
3 07/15 Fri 18:00 Meiji Jingu Stadium Japan 0-1 USA
4 07/16 Sat 18:30 Shizuoka Kusanagi Baseball Stadium USA 10-2 Japan
5 07/17 Sun 18:00 Shizuoka Kusanagi Baseball Stadium Japan 5-4 USA
Make-up 07/18 Mon 11:00 Meiji Jingu Stadium      


  • Each team will be made up of twenty-four players.
  • Japan will be on the first base side of the field with the USA on the third base side.
  • The designated hitter will be used.
  • Tie-break rules will be used beginning in the tenth inning (runners on first and second and no out).
  • Games will be called if there is a ten run difference after seven inning.
  • Games will become official after five innings.
  • The official tournament baseball is the Mizuno 200.

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