Seiya Suzuki: Did You Know

When Seiya Suzuki was a child, his father told him he would make a living as a baseball player. There were times he was told to stop studying and go running. During his third year in junior high school, he recorded ones in seven subjects, other than gym and social studies.

Suzuki was hitting rubber baseball with a plastic bat when he was a one-year-old. He started playing for Arakawa Little when he was a third year elementary school student. At around the same time, his father had a special eighty centimeter long and three centimeter thick iron bat made. He had to hit golf balls with the bat. He topped 138km/h as a pitcher when he was a third year junior high school student and had invites from about forty schools. He high forty-three home runs during his high school career.

Suzuki made an appearance on TV Tokyo’s Shutsubotsu! Adomachikku Tengoku when he was a fifth year elementary school student.

Source: Sponichi 6/24/2016

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