[7/11/2016] Shun Yamaguchi to miss All-Star series with ankle injury

Shun Yamaguchi hurt his left ankle during practices at Tokyo Dome on July 9. He was examined at a hospital and diagnosed with an injury to his left anterior talofibular ligament and tibiofibular ligament. He was taken off the active roster today.

Yamaguchi was also be replaced on the All-Star roster with Shoichi Ino. He was scheduled to start the second game of the All-Star series at Yokohama Stadium. There is a good chance the start will now go to Kenta Ishida.

The Yokohama Bay Stars will not be able to add Yamaguchi back to the active roster for ten days after the All-Star break because of current rules.

Source: NPB announcement, Daily Sports 7/11/2016, Nikkan Sports 7/11/2016

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