[8/4/2016] Baseball/Softbank among sports approved for 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee agreed to add the following five sports to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics program:

  • Baseball/Softball
  • Karate
  • Skateboard
  • Sports Climbing
  • Surfing

A snip from an article at Olympic.org:

… The additional sports in Tokyo will not impact the athlete or event quotas of existing Olympic sports or be binding on future host cities. The current athlete and event quotas are unaffected.

… The inclusion of the new sports will add 18 events and 474 athletes, with equal numbers of women and men for all sports except baseball/softball, which will have the same number of teams but different player totals, because softball teams have 15 players whilst baseball teams have 24. Tokyo 2020 will rely heavily on existing and temporary venues to stage the competitions.

Source: Olympic.org 8/3/2016

A couple of notes from the media in Japan:

  • The proposed main venue for softball and baseball is Yokohama Stadium.
  • The organising committee is considering the possibility of playing a number of games in Fukushima.
  • Surfing will be held in Chiba’s Shidashita.
  • Temporary venues will be created in Odaiba for Skateboarding and Sports Climbing.
  • The Nippon Budokan will host Karate.

Source: Sponichi 8/4/2016

[UPDATE 8/6 @ 2:15am]

A couple of notes on baseball at the 2020 Olympics.

  • The tournament will consist of six teams with twenty-four players per team. Japan was hoping to make it eight teams, but that would mean breaking the IOC’s limit of 250 or fewer baseball and softball players (combined).
  • Japan wanted eight teams, but that may have come at the expense of modifying game rules, like two outs a half-inning or seven-inning games.

Source: ZakZak 8/5/2016, Nikkan Sports 8/5/2016, Sponichi 8/5/2016

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