[8/29/2016] 2017 World Baseball Classic Survey (UPDATE 9/12 @ 2:04am)

I have been asked to do a little research on the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Information I gather could be used in a article that will be published in the next issue of Baseball Times. Those of you that have watched any of YakyuDB’s streams should be familiar with the name. They are a legitimate baseball publication in Japan.

The survey is not that long and should take fewer than five minutes to fill out. I will also be running a giveaway with the survey. If you are interested, please be sure to fill out the last field in the survey.

I have not yet decided what to give away, but I should be able to secure at least two issues of the next Baseball Times publication. The issues are in Japanese. If you cannot read Japanese, they are still fun to look at. I may also be able to secure a couple of their 2016 Player File releases as well (again, in Japanese). I will try to have any where from four to six items to give away. I will provide more information as I get the items.

Also, this survey will be open at least until the end of the week. I may close it sooner. If I do, I will be sure to update this post.

If you know anyone that might be interested, please send them a link to this post.

Thanks everyone in advance!

[UPDATE 9/3 @ 3:26am]

I first want to thank everyone that has taken time to fill out the survey. Your participation is very much appreciated. I am still working out the giveaway items and will post another update once everything becomes official. Do not worry, I promise to have at least four items, if not more.

I will keep the survey open for a few more days. If you are interested in helping and have not yet filled out the survey, please click the link up above.

Thanks again everyone!

[UPDATE 9/12 @ 2:04am]

The survey has been closed. A very big thank you to everyone that participated. I will try to post the items that I will be giving away very shortly. Stay tuned!

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