[9/11/2016] Hiroshima Carp celebration sales

The main Fukuya store (Wayback machine) in Hiroshima is running a seven-day Central League championship sale. About a 1,000 lined up on the first day. A special commemorative Noritake plate (1,000) and celebration t-shirts (2,000) sold out in roughly thirty minutes.

Hiroshima Mitsukoshi is also running a celebration sale. Over 200 people were in the line before the store opened. The first 100 received a rose. Among the special items on sale: a gold ball (500 grams, 5.5 million yen) and a gold bat (430 gram, 5.1 million yen). The bat was sold on the first day.

The Sogo Hiroshima store is running a sale until September 17. Around 3,000 people lined up for the first day of the sale.

A list of other sales can be found at Toshoken.com.

Source: Sponichi 9/11/2016, Sponichi 9/11/2016, Nikkei 9/11/2016

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