[9/19/2016] Hanshin Tigers: starting over from scratch for 2017

The Hanshin Tigers could be thinking about shifting players around next season. A few headlines from September 19 to illustrate the point:

  • Sponichi: Hanshin [Kosuke] Fukudome, move to first base next season, fill the hole in right field by acquiring free agent [Yoshio] Itoi?
  • Sponichi: Hanshin [Atsushi] Nomi, relief role next season, trial during remaining games
  • Sanspo: Hanshin¬†[Atsushi] Nomi, he will not be taken off the active roster and will wait in the bullpen
  • Sponichi: Shortstop? Third base? Hanshin [Takashi] Toritani, position up in the air next year, Manager [Tomoaki] Kanemoto, “Back to square one”
  • Sports Hochi: Hanshin [Takashi] Toritani, no guarantee for everyday job next season… third base is a temporary solution
  • Tokyo Sports: Hanshin, [Takashi] Toritani no guaranteed position, extra competitive during fall camp
  • Sponichi: Manager [Tomoaki] Kanemoto, recommends multiple positions for younger players, “For [the good of] the players”
  • Daily Sports:¬†Manager [Tomoaki] Kanemoto says, clean slate for players next season, younger players will get more chances if they can play multiple positions

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