Masayuki Kuwahara: Did You Know

Kuwahara had cosmetic surgery to remove a mole near his left eye during the last off-season. It cost him about 30,000 yen. He decided to have it removed because he thought it might help changes this up.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/20/2016

Kuwahara hit a lead-off home run and a grand slam in the same game on July 1, 2017 (against Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome). He joined Yoshinori Hirose (May 7, 1964), Yutaka Fukumoto (May 6, 1970), Shigeru Takada (June 23, 1972), Koji Minoda (June 30, 1988), and Naoyuki Omura (May 2, 2003) as the only players to accomplish the feat in NPB history. He is the first to hit a come-from-behind grand slam.

Source: Daily Sports 7/2/2017, Nikkan Sports 7/2/2017

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