[9/23/2016] Yudai Kawai, Shiji Iwata announce retirement

Thirty-six-year-old Yudai Kawai and and twenty-nine-year -old Shinji Iwata held a press conference at Nagoya Dome today to announce that this will be their last years. The two will make their final appearances during the last two homes games of the season on September 24 and 25.

Yudai joined the Chunichi organization as their fourth round pick during the 2004 draft. His registered name was originally Kawai Susumu. He changed it to Kawai Yudai in 2009 and then Yudai in 2012. He set a franchise record by starting the 2009 season with an eleven-game winning streak. He recorded twenty-eight wins and thirty-eight losses in ninety-nine games. He won an MVP of the Month award in June 2009 and made it to the All-Star Games in 2009.

Iwata was selected by Chunichi in the fifth round of the 2008 draft. He led the Western League (Ni-gun) in wins and ERA in 2010. Motonobu Tanishige once said he could not catch his forkball, aka the “no spin fork” and the “magical fork.” He won nine and lost fifteen in forty-eight games.

Source: Chunichi announcementDaily Sports 9/23/2016

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