2016 Senryokugai: Chiba Lotte Marines

The Chiba Lotte Marines have announced that they will not be offering new contracts to the following players:

Name JPN Name ENG Pos Age Date
ナバーロ Navarro, Yamaico INF 29 11/17
イ・デウン Rhee, Dae-Eun P 27 10/31
大松 尚逸 Omatsu, Shoitsu INF 34 10/02
伊藤 義弘 Ito, Yoshihiro P 34 10/01
木村 優太 Kimura, Yuta P 31 10/01
川満 寛弥 Kawamitsu, Hiroya P 25 10/01
吉原 正平 Yoshihara, Shohei P 27 10/01
香月 良仁 Katsuki, Ryoji P 32 10/01
青松 慶侑 Aomatsu, Keiyo INF 29 10/01

All six players from 10/1 would like to remain active. Omatsu is interested, but is still recovering from a ruptured right Achilles tendon.

Source: Lotte announcement 10/1, Lotte announcement 10/2, Lotte announcement 10/31, Lotte announcement 11/17

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