[10/3/2016] Nippon Ham Fighters to open intra-squad games to public

The Nippon Ham Fighters will prepare for the Final Stage of the Climax Series at Sapporo Dome. They are scheduled to play three intra-squad games. Two of the games, on October 7 and 9 (start time 15:00), will be open to the public. There will be no set admission price for the games, fans will be able to pay what they want. Money from admission will go toward paying for operating expenses (like security).

UPDATE: The Fighters later announced that instead of accepting money for admission, they will be accepting donations for their Typhoon Relief Fund.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/3/2016, Sponichi 10/3/2016, Nippon Ham announcement 10/5/2016

October 5

Reds: Haruki Nishikawa lf, Kenshi Sugiya 2b, Dai-Kang Yoh cf, Brandon Laird 3b, Kensuke Kondo rf, Kenji Yano dh, Takumi Oshima 1b, Yuji Iiyama ss, Yushi Shimizu c, Kohei Arihara sp

Arihara gave up nine runs on twelve hits over three innings. He threw sixty-one pitches.v

Laird went 2-for-2.

Whites: Hiromi Oka rf, Go Matsumoto cf, Kensuke Tanaka 2b, Sho Nakata 1b, Yuya Taniguchi lf, Shota Ono c, Toshitake Yokoo 3b, Tomoya Ichikawa dh, Takuya Nakashima ss, Shohei Otani sp

Otani allowed two runs on three hits over an inning and topped out at 156km/h. He walked one and threw twenty-five pitches.

Nakata went 3-for-3: timely single to center in the first, single to center in the third, and a double to right-center in the fourth.

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October 7

Attendance: 11278 (4,299,982 yen in donations)

Reds: Haruki Nishikawa lf, Ryo Watanabe 2b, Shohei Otgani dh, Kensuke Kondo rf, Toshitake Yokoo 3b, Takumi Oshima 1b, Kenshi Sugiya cf, Tomoya Ichikawa c, Susumu Orui ss, Hirotoshi Takanashi sp

Otani went 1-for-2 with a walk and a double: strikeout looking in the first, walk in the fourth, double to right-center in the sixth.

Whites: Hiromi Oka rf, Takuya Nakashima ss, Dai-Kang Yoh cf, Sho Nakata 1b, Kensuke Tanaka 2b, Kenji Yano dh, Shota Ono c, Yuya Taniguchi lf, Yuji Iiyama 3b, Hirotoshi Masui sp

Masui tossed three perfect innings and struck out four.

Nakata hit a three-run home run in the first inning.

Chris Martin entered the game in the fourth inning and did not allow a run in an inning of work. He did give up one hit and topped out at 152km/h.

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October 9

Attendance: 21335 (7,352,471 yen in donations)

Reds: Hiromi Oka rf, Kenshi Sugiya cf, Toshitake Yokoo 3b, Kenji Yano dh, Yuya Taniguchi lf, Yuji Iiyama 2b, Tomoya Ichikawa c, Go Matsumoto 1b, Susumu Orui ss, Luis Mendoza sp

Naoki Miyanishi needed just six pitches to record a perfect inning in relief.

Whites: Haruki Nishikawa lf, Kensuke Kondo rf, Shohei Otani dh, Sho Nakata 1b, Kensuke Tanaka 2b, Dai-Kang Yoh cf, Brandon Laird 3b, Shota Ono c, Takuya Nakashima ss, Takayuki Kato sp

Otani went 0-for-3: F8, F7, Kl.

Laird went 0-for-2.

Chris Martin entered the game in the fourth inning and needed eleven pitches to retire the side in order.

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