[10/4/2016] Wladimir Balentien’s future up in the air

Slightly different takes by the media about what might happen to Wladimir Balentien.

Daily Sports

Headline: Balentien wants to stay: “I want to spend about ten years with Yakult” If he leaves, Japan is top priority

Daily Sports provides two quotes from Blantien, one about making Japan a top priority and another about wanting to spend ten years in the Yakult organization. Daily Sports also provides a quote from team official Masayuki Okumura that mentions the team’s interest in keeping Balentien and things being up in the air because they still had to talk things out.


Headline: Bale Wants to stay His three-year contract over, he goes back home “I would love to return”

Sponichi also provides two quotes from Balentien, but slightly different. One is about feeling comfortable in the environment and wanting to return and another about want to play for Yakult for ten years. Sponichi finishes with a quote from Okumura that mentions both sides wanting the same thing. He also says he does not expect a lot of issues.

Nikkan Sports

Headline 1: Balentien not in Yakult’s plans, staying might be difficult, a lot of competition

Nikkan Sports reports that the Swallows have taken Balentien out of their plans for 2017. They cite concerns about his defense, his growing list of injuries, and his high salary.

Headline 2: Yakult – Balentien to leave A large drop in salary

Nikkan Sports posted a second article a couple hours later that goes a little deeper into why the Swallows might not be in a huge rush to re-sign him. Again, his questionable defense, weak arm, growing list of injuries and high salary. They also make a guess on what Yakult might offer: a one-year contract at about 200 million yen, down from 360 million.

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