[10/15/2016] Shun Yamaguchi thinking about using his FA option

The media learned on October 15 that Shun Yamaguchi has not ruled out exercising his domestic free agent option. The Yokohama Bay Stars are open to resigning Yamaguchi even if he exercises his option, but do not want to get involved in a bidding war.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/16/2016, Sponichi 10/16/2016

[UPDATE 10/20 @ 8:55am]

The Bay Stars spoke to Yamaguchi at some point after October 15 and may have offered him a three-year deal. They are not planning to make changes to their offer based on what other teams are offering.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/20/2016, Sponichi 10/20/2016

[UPDATE 10/30 @ 7:25pm]

There is a chance Yamaguchi will exercise his free agent option. The media learned that he said he felt a closeness with the Bay Stars and felt staying would be in his best interest, but also said that he since he only had one shot at his baseball career, he wanted to play for the team that needed him the most.

If Yamaguchi exercises his option, a number of teams are expected to show interest, including the Yomiuri Giants.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/30/2016, Sponichi 10/30/2016

[UPDATE 10/31 @ 3:50pm]

Yamaguchi did not attend a full team meeting at Bay Stars Stadium on October 30. He was the only player not to attend. This could be an indication that he is getting ready to file his option.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/31/2016, Daily Sports 10/31/2016

[UPDATE 10/31 @ 11:41pm]

The Chunichi Dragons are said to be interested in Yamaguchi.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/31/2016

[UPDATE 11/1 @ 5:04pm]

The Hanshin Tigers may also be interested in Yamaguchi.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/1/2016

[UPDATE 11/1 @ 8:57pm]

The Bay Stars did not hear from Yamaguchi today.

Source: Daily Sports 11/1/2016

[UPDATE 11/1 @ 10:29pm]

According to a report by Tokyo Sports, Yamaguchi has contacted a number of Yomiuri players to ask them about the playing environment. He was apparently turned off by Yokohama talks because they did not seem to care too much about him leaving.

Source: Tokyo Sports 11/1/2016

[UPDATE 11/3 @ 12:32pm]

Yamaguchi did not visit the team offices on November 2.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/3/2016

[UPDATE 11/5 @ 11:59pm]

Yamaguchi was apparently disappointed that the Bay Stars signed Jose Lopez to a contract before they even approached him about a deal.

Source: Tokyo Sports 11/5/2016

[UPDATE 11/6 @ 11:05pm]

The media learned on November 5 that Yamaguchi is planning to exercise his free agent option.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/6/2016

[UPDATE 11/7 @ 4:52pm]

The media learned today that Yamaguchi will make his intentions known on November 8. He is most likely planning to exercise his option.

Source: Daily Sports 11/7/2016

[UPDATE 11/8 @ 2:55am]

The Bay Stars may be thinking about making a new offer to Yamaguchi in a bid to keep him in Yokohama.

Source: Sponichi 11/7/2016

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