[1/7/2017] Hanshin Tigers still exploring options at first base

According to a report by Sports Hochi, the Hanshin Tigers are exploring the overseas market for options at first base. There was talk at one point of moving Kosuke Fukudome to first base this year, but he expressed a desire to remain in the outfield and Tomoaki Kanemoto is planning to give him the chance to stay put. However, this leaves a hole at first base.

Sports Hochi is reporting that the Tigers might be looking into Dae-Ho Lee to see if there is any interest. They might also be open to resigning Mauro Gomez, if the price is right.

Source: Sports Hochi 1/7/2017

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    • Looks like he’ll be replacing former NPB player Aarom Baldiris in the roster too with the acquisition.

      • Gen Post Author

        Thanks for the heads up Ren. The article I read was from the morning, so the news was already a little dated. It did mention there was interest in Gomez from the KBO, but no specifics so I wasn’t sure how serious things were.

        Based on everything I have read, it sounds like the Tigers are regretting their decision to let Gomez go. I think they jumped the gun with their plans to move Fukudome to first.

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