[3/20/2017] Daisuke Iida fractures two fingers

Daisuke Iida took a pitch off his right index and middle fingers when he pulled his bat back from a bunt during a Kyoiku League game against Hiroshima on March 15. The media learned on March 19 that he suffered fractures in both fingers. He will have to keep the digits immobilized for about a month.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/20/2017

[UPDATE 3/25 @ 9:53pm]

The Buffaloes announced today that Iida had surgery to treat a fracture in his right middle finger at a hospital in Kobe on March 24.

Iida suffered fractures in his index finger (distal phalanx) and middle finger (intermediate phalanx) when he was hit by a pitch during a Kyoiku League game on March 15. He will require about three to four months for a full recovery.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/25/2017, Daily Sports 3/25/2017

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