[3/29/2017] Rick van den Hurk could get first start on April 6

Rick van den Hurk was slated for a start on April 1 against Lotte, but may have been scratched because of a blister on his right index finger. He might be pushed back to April 6 against Rakuten. Kenichi Nakata was originally set for the start on April 6, but his tune-up appearance at Ni-gun on March 30 was canceled. He might be getting ready for the start on April 1.

The media also learned that van den Hurk suffered a broken nail on his right index finger during the World Baseball Classic. The incident occurred while pitching against Japan on March 12.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/29/2017Nikkan Sports 3/29/2017Nikkan Sports 3/29/2017

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