[5/1/2017] Orix Buffaloes: Bs Ori-Tachi Day, Bs Ori-Hime Day Uniforms

The Orix Buffaloes announced today that Bs Ori-Tachi Day will be held on June 10 (Saturday) and Bs Ori-Hime Day will be held on June 11 (Sunday). Alternate uniforms that will be worn during the two games were also unveiled. Shunta Goto and Masahiro Nishino modeled the uniforms for the media.

The Buffaloes will also be giving away two versions of the alternate uniforms (gold highlights and pink highlights) to fans that purchase advance tickets to the games. Supplies will be limited to a total 30,000 (15,000 per game and 7,500 per color):

NB: players will be wearing uniforms with gold highlights during both games.

Source: Orix 5/1/2017

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