[5/10/2017] Softbank Hawks sign Moinelo, Colas to Ikusei contracts

The Softbank Hawks announced today that they reached agreements with twenty-one-year-old pitcher Livan Moinelo and eighteen-year-old Oscar Colas. Both players agreed to Ikusei contracts. Moinelo was assigned the uniform number 143, Colas 144. The Hawks are planning to hold a press conference for the two players after they arrive in Japan.

Source: Softbank 5/10/2017

[UPDATE 5/10 @ 6:52pm]

According to Tokyo Sports, the two agreed to Ikusei contracts worth an estimated ten million yen each.

Source: Tokyo Sports 5/10/2017

[UPDATE 5/23 @ 6:57pm]

The Hawks held a press conference for Moinelo and Colas earlier today.

Source: Softbank 5/23/2017

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