[7/18/2017] Shun Yamaguchi in trouble after incident on July 11

Shun Yamaguchi was scratched from his start against the Chunichi Dragons at Nagoya Dome tonight because of an incident earlier this month.

According to the Yomiuri Giants, Yamaguchi was drinking with a friend at a restaurant in Tokyo on July 11 (also his birthday).  He got drunk and hurt his right hand. He went to a hospital for treatment, and in the process, may have broken a door and injured a male security guard. The Giants learned about incident today. They have decided to pull him from the rotation for the time being. They are still in the process of determining what exactly happened.

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[UPDATE 7/19 @ 4:12am]

Tokyo Sports is reporting that the hospital already filed a damage report with police. Additional details about the incident have also been released.

Meguro police responded to a call on July 11. By the time they arrived, Yamaguchi was already gone. However, there was surveillance camera footage. The security guard reportedly suffered injuries that will take about two weeks to heal. A wooden door was was dented. There was no broken glass.

Police have not yet been contacted by Yamaguchi or the Giants. They were caught off guard when they learned the team made an announcement to the media.

Source: Tokyo Sports 7/18/2017

[UPDATE 7/20 @ 3:23am]

While the last update made it sound like Yamaguchi was the individual that damaged a door and hurt a security guard, neither the police or the Giants have actually named him as the perpetrator. Both the police and the Giants are still investigating what happened.

A little more has been revealed by the media.

From the Giants:

  • July 11 was Yamaguchi’s thirtieth birthday.
  • He was at a restaurant with a friend.
  • He got drunk and hurt his right hand on some glass.
  • He went to a hospital for treatment and may have damaged a door and hurt a security guard.
  • The Giants learned about the incident on the morning of July 18.
  • The Giants decided to refrain from using Yamaguchi for the time being. They are still in the middle of their own internal investigation.

From the police:

  • An individual that might be Yamaguchi and a friend visited a hospital.
  • The individual refused to be examined.
  • The individual got into a scuffle with a security guard and caused injuries (hip and chest) that will require about two weeks to heal.
  • When police responded to an emergency call (110), the individual was already gone.
  • The individual was not examined by hospital staff.
  • There is security camera footage of a man getting into a scuffle with the guard. But the footage is not clear so the suspect is unknown.
  • Damage reports were filed.
  • The police noticed similarities in their incident and the Giants’ incident and are looking into a possible connection with Yamaguchi.


  • The injury to Yamaguchi’s hand was not serious.
  • Yamaguchi does not appear to have any injuries on his right hand in a photo take by the media during a charity event on July 17.
  • Yamaguchi was able to participate in practices and toss a bullpen session after the incident.
  • Yamaguchi apparently did not report the incident to the Giants right away.
  • Yamaguchi was pulled from his start after the incident came to light.
  • Yamaguchi was taken off the active roster on July 19.
  • Yamaguchi did not show up at Giants Stadium to practice on July 19.

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[UPDATE 8/1 @ 12:16am]

ZakZak interviewed a friend that was apparently at Yamaguchi’s birthday gathering. Some notes:

  • Yamaguchi suffered a cut on his right hand when he was play-boxing with some balloons and accidentally hit a glass picture frame. The cut was near the base of his right middle finger. The cut was not severe, but he went to the hospital as a precaution.
  • Yamaguchi’s wife searched for a hospital in the area and called ahead to let them know they were coming. Yamaguchi, his wife, and a third woman went to the hospital.
  • Once the three were at the hospital, Yamaguchi’s wife spoke to a security guard and asked if there was a way to get into the hospital without drawing any attention. The guard was not very helpful and Yamaguchi became upset. The two started arguing and they bumped chests. Yamaguchi’s wife tried to break things up. The two argued for about twenty minutes. Yamaguchi ended up leaving without getting any treatment.
  • Yamaguchi does not apparently remember breaking a door.
  • Police contacted the Giants on the morning of July 18. Yamaguchi was surprised to hear that a damage report was filed.
  • Yamaguchi visited the restaurant the day after his birthday gathering a apologized for what happened. He did not issue an apology to the hospital.

Source: ZakZak 7/31/2017

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