[9/19/2017] Now you can have your very own Shohei Otani

The Nippon Ham Fighters are selling a life-size figure of Shohei Otani at their official team store, On-Deck. The figure is part of a grand re-opening sale. There is only one figure and it carries a price tag of 1,111,111 yen (based on Otani’s uniform number 11).

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/19/2017

[UPDATE 9/20 @ 9:51pm]

A Sapporo man in his sixties purchased the figure today before 6:00pm. He paid in cash. He plans to put it on display at his company.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/20/2017, Nikkan Sports 9/20/2017

Comment on "[9/19/2017] Now you can have your very own Shohei Otani"

  • anonymous

    with all the advancements in 3D printing, you’d expect the figure to look like the actual person itself, but… *sigh*
    anyways, if the Fighters will post him this off-season, do you have an idea how much are they expecting in compensation?

    • Gen Post Author

      I don’t really think the figure looks like Otani either. Interestingly enough, the man that purchased the figure told reporters he thought it looked exactly like Otani. Maybe it’s one of those things where you have to actually see it to _really_ see it. *shrugs*

      As for compensation, until the posting system is re-worked, it’s really anyone’s guess. If it’s a percentage of the final contract, the Fighters are not going to get much. I hear there’s talk of an “Otani clause” that will make it so the Fighters can still get a decent compensation, even if his contract it low.

      • anonymous

        The buyer is 60 years old (and crazy enough to spend that much on a figure), so I’ll take his claim with a grain of salt.
        LOL on the “Otani clause”.
        Being a two-way player, do you think he can beat Tanaka’s deal with the Yankees though, or is that a long shot?

        • Gen Post Author

          If you haven’t already seen the Associated Press’ article on the contract limits for Otani, I highly suggest you check it out.


          In a nutshell, the only way for Otani to approach Tanaka’s deal is to wait a couple of years until he turns twenty-five. But, according to media reports, he doesn’t really care about the money and won’t push back his plans just so that he can get a larger deal.

          …unless of course you’re asking in a hypothetical fashion…

          • anonymous

            oh no, not at all hypothetical! been very interested in this kid since he was in high school. thanks for this info!
            i’m not that familiar with the posting regulations and whatnot, thus my queries. 🙂

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