[10/2/2017] Kotaro Kiyomiya (Waseda Jitsuygo) NPB Meetings

Kotaro Kiyomiya (Waseda Jitsuygo) NPB Meetings.

  • Orix Buffaloes
    • Hideki Morikawa (assistant director), Takaharu Nakagawa (chief amatuer scout)
    • Posting System = open to discussion.
  • Yokohama Bay Stars
    • Tatsuhiro Hagiwara (division chief), Mitsunori Kakehata (Nishi Nihon chief scout), Takashi Yoshida (chief scout)
    • Kiyomiya asked about Yoshitomo Tsutsugo’s development.
  • Softbank Hawks
    • Ryutaro Fukuyama (assistant chief amatuer scout), Kazuo Ogawa (director player development, chief scout), Shogo Yamamoto (scout), Hidehiko Mikasa (deputy director)
    • The Hawks gave an explanation about their farm system and facilities. They showed him a twenty page pamphlet with information about their facilities and the video archive system that is accessible through iPads.
    • The Hawks stressed the importance of the development process. They used Yuki Yanagita as an example.
    • The Hawks told Kiyomiya they wanted him to join their organization.
    • Kiyomiya did not ask any questions.
    • Posting System = up until now, no.
  • Seibu Lions
    • Haruhiko Suzuki (director), Hisanobu Watanabe (senior director)
    • The Lions explained the development process for players in their system. Mentioned how they have experience with players out of high school.
    • Kiyomiya’s father asked about the current state of the Lions’ facilities.
  • Yomiuri Giants
    • Kaoru Okazaki (chief scout), Kazuo Ishii (president), Yoshitaka Katori (general manager)
    • Posting System = generally no.
  • Yakult Swallows
    • Satoshi Kashibuchi (scout), Keiichi Sakai (scout)
    • The Swallows provided Kiyomiya with information about Ni-gun facilities. They also used Tetsuto Yamada as an example of their development program.
    • Kiyomiya’s father asked about what is going to happen to Jingu Stadium during the Olympics.
    • Kiyomiya mentioned that he has a lot of friends that are Yakult Swallows fans.
  • Chunichi Dragons
    • Muneo Nakada (chief scout), Eiji Shotsu (scout)
    • The Dragons expressed serious interest in Kiyomiya and told him they were thinking about selecting him with their first pick.
    • The Dragons did not prepare any physical materials.
  • Hanshin Tigers
    • Noriyoshi Sano (chief scout), Shunji Hatayama (chief scout), Kazuya Nagayoshi (amatuer scout director)
    • The Tigers informed Kiyomiya that they wanted to select him with their first pick.
  • Rakuten Eagles
    • Masahiko Goseki (scout), Yoshinori Okihara (scout), Tetsuro Nagashima (chief scout)
    • The Eagles talked about their facilities, particularly the natural grass as Kobo Park Miyagi.
    • The Eagles looked to players like Yuki Matsui, Louis Okoye, Tomohiro Anraku, and Shoma Fujihira as examples of high school players they developed.
  • Chiba Lotte Marines
    • Yoshinari Nagano (chief scout), Kenji Morozumi (scout)
    • The Marines created a presentation explaining their player development process. They mentioned players like Kazuya Fukuura, Toshiaki Imae, and Tsuyoshi Nishioka.
    • The Marines also gave Kiyomiya two bags of Lotte sweets.

Kiyomiya was joined by his parents and Waseda Jitsugyo Baseball Director Takayuki Kunisada. Each team had about thirty minutes.

The Hiroshima Carp are not planning to select Kiyomiya with their first pick because he does not fit their style of play (if they select a position player, they want someone with more speed). They could instead focus their efforts on players like Shosei Nakamura (Koryo HS), Katsuki Azuma (Ritsumeikan), Daiki Tajima (JR Higashi Nihon), Hiroshi Suzuki (Yamaha), and Kohei Suzuki (Hitachi).

There was no mention of the posting system or the MLB during any of the talks.

The Nippon Ham Fighters canceled their morning meeting with Kiyomiya today due to a conflict in schedule. They are planning to see him on another day.

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[UPDATE 10/4 @ 3:42pm]

The Fighters currently have no plans to meet Kiyomiya before the draft.

Source: Sponichi 10/4/2017

[UPDATE 10/7 @ 3:13am]

Swallows Senior Director told reporters on October 6 that they will probably select Kiyomiya with their first pick.

Source: Sponichi 10/6/2017

[UPDATE 10/24 @ 12:16am]

The economic impact of the Tigers landing Kiyomiya could end up being as much as 6.4 billion yen, according to Kansai University emeritus professor Katsuhiro Miyamoto.

Source: Daily Sports 10/23/2017

[UPDATE 10/28 @ 3:47am]

Miyamoto adjusted his numbers for the Nippon Ham Fighters and came up with an estimate of about 6.26 billion yen.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/27/2017

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Orix 143 63 79 1
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