[10/3/2017] Eishin Soyogi to part ways with Hiroshima Carp

The Hiroshima Carp announced today that they are going to part ways with thirty-six-year-old Eishin Soyogi. The veteran met team officials in September and informed them that he was interested in seeking more playing time at another organization. Soyogi visited the Ni-gun facilities on October 2 and told staff and teammates that he was going to leave the Carp.

Soyogi was drafted by the Carp from Nissan Motor in 2005. He won the Rookie of the Year award in 2006 and led the league in steals with forty-three in 2010. But then he hurt his left knee in 2011 and his right knee in 2012.

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[UPDATE 10/10 @ 9:10pm]

The Chunichi Dragons are interested in Soyogi. They believe a change in scenery will do the veteran some good. They also feel he might be able to set a good example for Yota Kyoda.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/10/2017

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