2017 Senryokugai: Softbank Hawks

Player JPN Name ENG Age Pos Uni Date Plans Source
大隣 憲司 Otonari, Kenji 32 P 28 11/05 [11/30] Otonari has not yet received any offers. He still wants to keep playing, but has not decided how long he will wait. Sports Hochi 11/30/2017 [11/25] No new developments as of November 24. Sponichi [11/08] Lotte could also be interested. Sponichi [11/07] Yakult and Seibu could be interested. Daily Sports [10/30] Would like to keep playing, but undecided. Sponichi, Nikkan Sports Softbank
島袋 洋奨 Shimabukuro, Yosuke 25 P 39 11/05 [10/30] Currently rehabbing after surgery on left elbow in August. Could get an Ikusei deal from Softbank. Sponichi, Nikkan Sports Softbank
伊藤 大智郎 Ito, Daichiro 24 P 127 10/28 [10/28] Undecided. Nikkan Sports Softbank
吉本 祥二 Yoshimoto, Shoji 24 P 121 10/28 [10/28] Undecided. Nikkan Sports Softbank
星野 大地 Hoshino, Daichi 24 P 56 10/03 [10/3] Wants to play. Tryouts. Nikkan Sports Softbank
坂田 将人 Sakata, Masato 24 P 120 10/03 [10/3] Had surgery on his left shoulder in September 2016. Wants to play. Tryouts. Nikkan Sports Softbank
柿木 映二 Kakinoki, Eiji 20 P 133 10/03 [10/3] Wants to play. Stress fracture left knee in September. Nikkan Sports Softbank
東方 伸友 Tobo, Shinsuke 22 P 139 10/03 [10/3] Has had three surgeries on his right elbow. Tryouts. Nikkan Sports Softbank

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