[11/12/2017] Shohei Otani’s Press Conference on November 11

Shohei Otani held a press conference at the Japan National Press Club on November 11. Notes from various sources below:

  • The press conference took place on 11/11 at 11:00am. He said it was a coincidence. Incidentally, his uniform number is 11.
  • About 250 reporters, twenty-four television cameras, and over forty photographers covered the press conference.
  • He wore a grey suit and a purple tie (he wanted to give props to the Fighters for everything they have done for him).
  • He was a little under the weather (throat).
  • His interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, will continue to support him after he leaves the Nippon Ham Fighters.
  • He has had thoughts about playing in the Majors since he turned pro, but it was not until the Fighters won a Nippon Series last year that he felt he accomplished something and started thinking about it.
  • When asked why he wanted to go to the Majors now, he said it was because he was still an incomplete player. When asked why he wanted to go when he was still an incomplete player, he said it might be because he was curious to see how he was going to handle it.
  • When asked if he felt signing with the Fighters was the right decision, he said the last five years gave him confidence and that he really appreciated everything the organization did for him.
  • He is interested in continuing to be a two-way player and plans to ask teams if it is a possibility.
  • He wants to become the kind of player fans consider the best. He also wants to become a World Series champion.
  • His dog Ace died earlier this year at the age of fifteen years and eight months. November 11 would have been Ace’s sixteenth birthday.

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