[2017 Posting] Shohei Otani Rumors

Date Team Update
@ 12:42a
Otani had PRP therapy on his right elbow in October as a preventative measure. MLB teams were informed about the procedure. Yahoo Sports is reporting that Otani has a “damaged ulnar collateral ligament.” Tokyo Sports 12/13/2017, Sanspo 12/13/2017, Nikkan Sports 12/13/2017Sports Illustrated 12/11/2017Yaho Sports 12/13/2017
@ 11:16a
The Fighters are planning to hold a farewell press conference at Sapporo Dome for Otani next year in January. Sponichi 12/12/2017
@ 11:15a
Otani returned to Japan on December 12 and went back to his dorm at the Fighters Ni-gun facilities in Kamagaya. He will resume his rehab training until he heads back to the US for spring training. ZakZak 12/12/2017, Sponichi 12/12/2017
@ 10:53p
MLB Otani selected the Angels. MLB.com
@ 4:42a
Otani was posted on December 1 (US time). Teams will have until December 22 (US time) to sign him. MLB.com 12/1/2017Daily Sports 12/2/2017, Sponichi 12/2/2017
@ 2:24p
Otani flew out of Haneda Airport on the evening of November 29 and arrived in Los Angeles on November 30 (Japan time), most likely to meet with his agent ahead of his posting. He did not speak to the media before he climbed into a car waiting for him at the airport. Otani is traveling with a interpreter from the Fighters. ZakZak 11/30/2017, Tokyo Sports 11/30/2017, Sponichi 11/30/2017, Daily Sports 11/30/2017
@ 11:05p 
Otani is asking MLB clubs to: evaluate Otani as a two-way player, pitcher, or hitter; describe player development, medical and training philosophies and facilities; give information on major league, minor league, and spring training facilities; show how teams plan to help Otani adjust to the new culture; outline life after signing with teams; show the benefits of having Otani; provide characteristics of the team. Daily Sports 11/26/2017
@ 2:41a
The Nippon Ham Fighters are expected to post Otani on December 2. Sanspo 11/22/2017
@ 2:34a
According to Sanspo, sixteen MLB teams are currently interested in Otani. Sanspo 11/22/2017

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