2017 NPB Fine Judge Awards

Four NPB umpires were recognized for their work on the field this season.

Kinji Nishimoto
June 6 – Yokohama vs Rakuten at Yamagata
Top of the sixth inning, runner on first, one out, and Yokohama up 9-1. Takayuki Kajitani stole second. In the top of the 8th inning, Nishimoto warned both benches when Rakuten aggressively started throwing inside on Kajitani.

Takayuki Ichikawa
June 25 – Rakuten vs Nippon Ham at Sapporo Dome
Top of the seventh inning, runner on first and one out. Ryo Hijirisawa’s bat hit the ball for a second time in fair territory. Ichikawa called offensive interference. He quickly and accurately handled the situation and announcement.

Masanobu Suginaga
August 1 – Hanshin vs Hiroshima at Mazda Stadium
Top of the ninth inning, runner on first and one out. The runner on first attempted to steal second as the batter struck out swinging. The catcher attempted a throw to second, but the batter got in the way. Suginaga called interference, ruled the runner out, and the game ended. He made a good call on a difficult play.

Kazuaki Nako
September 25 – Rakuten vs Softbank at YafuOku Dome
Top of the eighth inning, runners on first and second and no out. A hit resulted in a close play at home plate. The runner got his hand on home plate just in time and was appropriately ruled safe.

Source: NPB 12/14/2017

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