[1/23/2018] Alex Ramirez applying for Japanese citizenship

According to reports from this morning, forty-three-year-old Alex Ramirez is applying for Japanese citizenship. He first started thinking about becoming a Japanese citizen two years ago and started the process about a year-and-a-half ago. If everything goes smoothly, he could become a Japanese citizen before the end of the year.

Ramirez told the media one of his dreams was to become manager of the national team as a Japanese citizen (citizenship is not a requirement). He is also quoted as saying, “I love Japan and my wife and son are Japanese. I got this far with the support of a lot of people. It would be great if I can give back to Japanese baseball.”

Source: Sanspo 1/23/2018, Nikkan Sports 1/23/2018, Nikkan Sports 1/23/2018, Daily Sports 1/23/2018, Sponichi 1/23/2018

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