[1/23/2018] Matsuzaka heading to spring camp with Chunichi Dragons

Daisuke Matsuzka attended a tryout with the Chunichi Dragons at Nagoya Stadium earlier today. He arrived at the facilities at 1:14pm and was seen walking to the indoor facilities at 1:30pm. He tossed a bullpen session (twenty-two playing catch, twelve to a standing catcher, including sliders, curveballs, and change-ups) in front of Chunichi staff. The tryout took place behind closed doors.

Matsuzaka is now set to attend Ichi-gun spring camp with the Dragons. He will be assigned the uniform number 99.

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[UPDATE 1/23 @ 9:36pm]

Matsuzaka also could have selected the uniform number 20, but went with 99 because he felt he did not yet deserve a lower number and felt a connection to 99 because 9 + 9 equaled his old number. His salary will be an estimated fifteen million yen.

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