[1/29/2018] No more orange seats at Yokohama Stadium

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced on January 29 that the remaining orange seats at Yokohama Stadium (8,402) will be replaced with Yokohama blue seats.

Completion Date Area Seat Color Seat Type Seats
2017/2/28 (Wed) BAY STAR SIDE Infield Reserved S, FA, FB Orange ⇒ Yokohama Blue Fixed ⇒ Tip-up 5,749
STAR SIDE DB Infield Reserved FA Yokohama Blue ⇒ Yokohama Blue Fixed ⇒ Tip-up 160
Outfield Left Side Orange ⇒ Yokohama Blue Fixed ⇒ Fixed 2,653

Construction to swap out orange seats with blue seats began with 6,035 seats in 2016. The stadium was about sixty-seven percent complete after 6,956 seats were replaced in 2017.

Source: Yokohama 1/29/2018

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