[2/12/2018] New protective netting at Sapporo Dome

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced that they are adding new protective netting along the infield seats at Sapporo Dome. Construction will take place between February 14 and 26.

The new netting will come into view for people sitting in rows 1 through thirty on the first and third base infield sides.

Infield protective netting at Sapporo Dome was once removed in 2006. However, a woman lost sight in her right eye after a ball struck her during a Seibu – Nippon Ham game on August 21, 2010. The woman filed a lawsuit and the Sapporo High Court awarded her about 33.57 million yen in damages on June 2016.

Source: Nippon Ham 2/12/2018, Tokyo Sports 2/12/2018

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