Katsuki Azuma: Did You Know



September 5 vs Yomiuri at Alpen Stadium – Azuma got the win and became the first rookie in NPB history to start their careers 4-0 in four starts against the Giants. The previous record of three was held by Kazuyoshi Matsuura (1936), Yukio Muramatsu (1939), Nobuo Nakatani (1947), and Hiroshi Gondo (1961).

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Azuma likes to eat bananas while waiting in the dugout for his turn to pitch.

Source: Sankei 4/20/2018, Sports Hochi 4/20/2018, Baseball King 4/20/2018


Azuma has two images stitched on the inside of all of his gloves: a pile of poo in gold thread and a star in white thread. The pile of golden poo represents kin-un (financial luck) and the white star represents shiroboshi (victories).

Source: Sanspo 2/15/2018

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