[5/15/2018] Shohei Otani Asics Signature Model Sets

Asics announced on May 15 that they will be releasing a set of signature model Shohei Otani gear. They began accepting advance orders through their online store on the same day.

Set information

  • Otani – two-way player set (already sold out)
    • Cleats, glove, bat, batting gloves
    • Display case
    • Serial number
    • 300,000 yen
  • Otani – pitcher set
    • Glove
    • Display case
    • 120,000 yen
  • Otani – hitter set (already sold out)
    • Bat, batting gloves
    • Display case
    • 80,000 yen

Each set will be limited to seventeen units.

Source: Asics 5/15/2018, Store Page

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