[6/12/2018] Yamato gets hit by batted ball during pre-game practices

Yamato was hit in the head by a batted ball during pre-game practices at ZOZO Marine Stadium today. He was taken to a hospital in Narashino, Chiba for tests. There were no abnormalities. Yamato later returned to the stadium after the start of the game and told reporters he was fine. He will undergo additional tests tomorrow.

Yamato was penciled in to get the start at short against Lotte today. While chasing after a fly ball hit behind him, a batted ball hit him near the back of the head and neck.

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[UPDATE 6/14 @ 10:42am]

Yamato was re-examined at a hospital in Yokohama on June 13. No abnormalities were discovered. He was able to participate in regular practices later in the day. He could return to the starting line-up today.

Source: Daily Sports 6/13/2018, Daily Sports 6/13/2018

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