[8/1/2018] Shuichi Murata not “officially” retiring, just yet

Thirty-seven-year-old Shuichi Murata is planning to retire after the 2018 season. He is expected to make a statement during a press conference on August 1.

Murata was released by the Yomiuri Giants after the 2017 season. He signed with the BC League’s Tochigi Golden Braves with hopes of a possible return to the NPB this year. However, the trade deadline ended on July 31 with no offers.

In forty-two games with Tochigi so far this year (through July 31), Murata is 51-for-145 (.352 batting average) with nine home runs and forty-four RBI.

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[UPDATE 8/1 @ 2:07pm]

Murata held a press conference at a hotel in Tochigi earlier today to talk about his thoughts after the trade deadline.

  • In Murata’s mind, if he was going to return to the NPB, it would have happened before the July 31 trade deadline.
  • Murata plans to play until the last game of Tochigi’s season (September 9).
  • Unless something changes, Murata is not thinking about waiting for a return to the NPB in 2019. He also finds it difficult to think about playing baseball somewhere else.
  • Murata does not regret his decision to play for Tochigi this season.
  • Murata was not really trying to make a case for his return to the NPB by continuing to play baseball this year. His goal was to become the kind of player kids want to watch and emulate.
  • Murata is not retiring. He wants to avoid using the word right now because he is still an active player for Tochigi.

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[UPDATE 9/10 @ 3:10pm]

Murata got the start a third and batted clean-up during his retirement game on September 9. He went 1-for-5 (Fo2, F9, Ks, 1B8, G3) at the plate. Over 6,000 fans were in attendance. During a post-game ceremony, he told fans that he was retiring.

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