[9/5/2018] Takahiro Arai to retire after the season

Forty-one-year-old Takahiro Arai held a press conference at Mazda Stadium earlier today to announce his plans to retire after the season. Points taken from his press conference:

  • Arai told the Carp about wanting to retire in early August.
  • The Carp asked him to reconsider and Arai spent the rest of August re-thinking his plans. Nothing changed.
  • There was no one moment that made him consider retirement. He starting thinking about retirement around Inter-league play.
  • When considering the timing, he thought about the current group of young players on the roster and what things would be like three and five years from now.
  • Arai came to the Carp with nothing but a desire to help the team. He wanted to retire the moment he knew he could no longer help.
  • He spoke to Hiroki Kuroda and Yoshiyuki Ishihara.
  • His kids did not want him to retire.
  • He does not consider himself to be a great player, just one that practices a lot and happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Arai was okay with making an announcement after the season, but the Carp wanted him to say something sooner to give fans a chance to watch him play.

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