[9/6/2018] Nippon Ham – Rakuten September 7 game postponed

Hokkaido was hit by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake on September 6. At least nine people are dead, thirty-one are missing, and over 150 are injured. The earthquake also caused power outages.

The Nippon Ham Fighters reported that everyone in their organization was safe and accounted for. The Rakuten Eagles and Fighters announced that their game at Rakuten Seimei on September 7 was postponed due to travel issues (the airport in Hokkaido was closed). The game will be played on September 10.

The Pacific League is evaluating the Fighters’ schedule to see if any changes are needed for games beyond September 10.

Source: Rakuten 9/6/2018, Nippon Ham Tweet 9/6/2018, Sponichi 9/6/2018, Daily Sports 9/6/2018

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