[9/27/2018] Shunichi Nemoto, Takeshi Kanazawa to retire after the season

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced today that thirty-five-year-old Shunichi Nemoto and thirty-four-year-old Takeshi Kanazawa will be retiring this year. The Marines released the following comments from the two players:


I was able to get this far with a lot of help and support during my thirteen year career. I am nothing but grateful to everyone that supported me. I had a good career.


I consider myself really lucky for having the chance to play for the best team, the best teammates, and the best fans. I am full of gratitude.

Source: Lotte 9/27/2018, Lotte 9/27/2018

[UPDATE 9/28 @ 3:36am]

The Marines announced that they will hold retirement ceremony for Nemoto after a Softbank game on October 7.

Source: Lotte 9/28/2018

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