[10/11/2018] Alex Ramirez to stay on as manager, Shigeru Takada steps down as GM

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced that Alex Ramirez will return as manager next year.

I am grateful for another chance [to manage] next season. Beginning with Owner Tomoko Namba and including everyone that has supported me, I hope to meet their expectations.

This season, I learned that to win I have to change myself. The way I think, the way I approach the game, I need to change what needs to be changed and do what it takes to win.

Yokohama also announced that General Manager Shigeru Takada stepped down from his post. He is expected to continue working with the Bay Stars as an advisor.

Source: Yokohama 10/11/2018, Yokohama 10/11/2018 (Takada)

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